M231 1/2-Inch Black on White Tape for P-Touch Labeler [CD-ROM] (Office Product)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: Printer
Model: M231
List Price: $6.80
Min: $5.25   (15 May 18:12)
Max: $10.49   (07 Mar 07:34)
ASIN: B00000K135
Sales Rank: 274
Changes: 1879


  • Brother genuine M tape is great for home, school and home office labeling
  • Labels stay put where you place them
  • Brother M tape is available in a variety colors and 2 widths (9mm, 12mm)
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Brother M-231 black-on-white tape allows you to create bold, easy-to-read labels. For quality labeling of your files, folders, accessories and more
  • For use with: PT-100, PT-110, PT-45M, PT-55BM, PT-55S, PT-65, PT-65SB, PT-65SCCP, PT-65SL, PT-65VP, PT-70, PT-70BBVP, PT-70BM, PT-70BMH, PT-70HK, PT-70HOL, PT-70HOT, PT-70SP, PT-70SR, PT-80, PT-80SCCP, PT-85, PT-90
  • Nonlaminated tapes are ideal for indoor/light use. Choose Brother tape (M-231) for a wide array of needs.
  • Conveniently extend the life of your labeler

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Created: 24 Aug 12:29
Updated: 29 May 07:44