Jokari Over the Door Hanging Purse Racks, 2-Count (Kitchen)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: Jokari
Model: 06518
List Price: $13.27
Min: $5.29   (01 Dec 18:04)
Max: $11.80   (23 Aug 16:37)
Sales Rank: 7015
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  • Two packages of Jokari Over the Door Purse Rack hanging storage systems
  • The 2-pack includes 2 straps with 8 hooks each designed to hold purses weighing up to 8 pounds
  • Hooks will accommodate most widths of purse straps are adjustable for customizable storage
  • The Purse Racks easily fit over the closet door or can be mounted on the wall, and are also great for organizing scarves, belts and hats
  • Jokari's line of clever gadgets and home storage and organization solutions is available on Amazon

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Created: 23 Aug 16:37
Updated: 20 Jan 03:12