Water Gun Backpack Lady Bug Super Soaker For Kids Toys - Summer Fun Outdoor Water Toy For Children Beach Pool Backyard Water Blaster … (Toy)

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  • COOL FUN IN THE SUN: Soak your friends and family at a party; gathering; or outdoor play! Perfect water sport for beach/pool. Fun heat reliever!
  • NO MORE REFILLINIG: With this Super Water Shooter, you can play for a long while without frequently refilling your gun. The sturdy backpack will store the water and keep your game going at high speed.
  • SUPER POWER: Features a powerful pistol that will surely satisfy you with its far and on target shoots. Win the next water battle with this convenient and powerful shooter.
  • EASY TO CARRY: Wide Strapped, comfortable and lightweight, this backpack can be carried for extended periods of time without causing any back strain. Made of high quality, durable plastic;
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: any size and any age; With adjustable straps the backpack can be customized to comfortably fit all sizes.

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