TEEFAN® Wooden Grinding Ceramic Core Salt & Pepper Grinder Mill to Adjustable Grinding Range from Coarse to Fine Easily Refilled and Interchangeable for Long Term Use, Set of Two, 8 Inch ()

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Manufacturer: TEEFAN
Model: COMINHKPR84902
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ASIN: B0132X48K4
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  • Easy cranking to turn coarse sea salt, pepper and other fillers into fine consistent powder with a good quantity.
  • The both mills are identical and interchangeable. You can easily adjust the grind grade in them from coarse to fine.
  • Both gears that grind the spices are made of ceramic. They will not rust or transfer any taste onto the spices. The case is made of oak. The materials adopted to compose this item are safe for your health.
  • This item doesn't come filled spices, you can fill them with your own selection anyway. Bought some Himalayan salt, coarse sea salt or fresh pepper, it works fantastically.
  • Take it totally apart and wash, make sure it totally dried before use.

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