American Lawn Mower SK-1 Reel Mower Sharpening Kit (Lawn & Patio)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: American Lawn Mower Company
Model: SK-1
List Price: $16.99
Min: $9.93   (22 Sep 11:41)
Max: $17.60   (25 Nov 08:50)
ASIN: B00004R9UM
Sales Rank: 3204
Changes: 954


  • Reel mower sharpening kit keeps reel blades in top cutting form
  • Cuts down on mowing time
  • Do-it-yourself kit allows users to sharpen their own mowers at home
  • Includes grinding compound, application brush, and back-lapping crank
  • Designed for use with Great States, American Lawn Mower and Scott's Reel Mowers
  • Designed for use with 1705-16 and 1815-18 push mowers

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Created: 07 Aug 23:34
Updated: 24 Feb 19:39