Promate Snorkeling Scuba Dive Side-View Edgeless PURGE Mask DRY Snorkel (9990) Combo Set, Titanium ()

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  • Package includes Promate three-Lens scuba diving PURGE mask (MK399) and dry snorkel with housing whistle (SK890)
  • Three-window style mask with edgeless technology on sides to increase view dramatically, and built-in one way purge valve.
  • The easy-adjusting swivel buckle and the hypoallergenic silicone face skirt masks much comfortable.
  • The fully submersible dry top snorkel with housing whistle. Quick disconnect retainer design easily make accommodation of snorkel from mask.
  • One way purge valve on the buttom of snorkel easily clear water out and replaceable.

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Created: 11 Jan 14:13
Updated: 26 Jul 13:13