Arf Pets Pet Dog Cat Self - Warming Heating Mat Pad for Beds Crates and Kennels with Soft Polyethylene Foam Core - Available in Wide Variety of Sizes (Misc.)

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Manufacturer: Arf Pets
Model: APHTPD1422
List Price: $15.99
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Sales Rank: 79096
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  • Soft and Safe Polyethylene Foam Soaks Up and Then Re-Radiates Body Heat
  • Luxurious Fleece Cover Provides Superior Comfort While Helping Trap Warmth
  • Wide Variety of Sizes Available to Fit Every Pet - From Gerbils to Great Danes
  • Low-Maintenance Design Clean Easy with Soap and Water to Eliminate Odors
  • Quality Materials and Construction Guarantee Years of Happy Pets & Owners

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Created: 18 Dec 08:13
Updated: 25 Mar 00:29