Green Direct GD3CR10 Microwave Safe Round Food Containers with Lids/Divided Plate/Bento Box/Lunch Tray with Clear Cover, 39 oz., 3 Compartment, Black Bottom (Pack of 10) (Misc.)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: Green Direct
Model: 3 comp round 10
List Price: $10.95
Min: $9.22   (07 Aug 00:11)
Max: $22.80   (27 Dec 00:59)
Sales Rank: 4055
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  • Excellent Round Black 3 compartment Containers with Clear Lids. 9"Diameter; Capacity Per Compartment 20 ounce 12 ounce and 7 ounce, Height 1 1/2" + 3/4" Dome lid
  • 3 divided compartments to Separate and organize the food. Have your fresh vegetables in one compartment and your dressing in another for the best, freshest proven results
  • Lid Seals tightly to keep products fresh, and delicious. The tight sealing cover provides its "scrumptious" and enjoyable taste
  • Leak proof, Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free, Reusable, and Freezer safe
  • Hot or Cold no matter what you have keeps the cold items cold and the hot items hot

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Created: 21 Jul 06:48
Updated: 18 Jan 01:06