ARCTIC Alpine 64 GT Rev. 2 CPU Cooler - AMD, Supports Multiple Sockets, 80mm PWM Fan at 22dBA (Personal Computers)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: Arctic Cooling
Model: UCACO-P1600-GB01
List Price: $8.99
Min: $7.60   (02 Dec 02:35)
Max: $13.99   (07 Jun 19:32)
ASIN: B001A5V1K2
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  • Equipped with high quality components sych as an 80mm PWM fan and patented fan holder, the Alpine 64 GT offers a good cooling performance at a low noise level in a very competitive price range.
  • The Alpine 64 GT maximizes the cooling performance and minimizes the noise level at the same time. Thanks to the patented fan holder, it just produces just 0.25 sone noise while providing 70W of cooling capacity.
  • With just two plugs on two opposite sides, the simple mounting system offers excellent stability and is applicable within minutes.

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Created: 01 Mar 22:15
Updated: 26 Jul 13:55