InsideSmarts Car Garbage Can. LiquiSHIELD WaterProof Storage Organizer & Trash Bag: 3 Side Pockets for Toys, Snacks, Cans, Drinks. (Gray) (Automotive)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: InsideSmarts
Model: IS-002
List Price: $0.00
Min: $14.41   (03 Sep 00:24)
Max: $28.82   (22 Sep 06:34)
Sales Rank: 127498
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  • MESSY CAR? A thing of the past. Order Now & enjoy your LITTER FREE vehicle.
  • Slip-n-Click adjustable buckle secures to your truck, car, front or back seat, chair, etc.
  • Super tough LiquiShield waterproof liner keeps upholstery clean.
  • 3 TuffMesh storage pockets organize every stray item.
  • 100% Tidy-Travel LIFETIME Guarantee on your new Ultra-Duty Car Trash Can & Organizer.

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Created: 22 Sep 08:14
Updated: 01 May 00:30