P3 P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor [MP3 Audio] (Tools & Hardware)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: P3
Model: P4400
List Price: $19.74
Min: $14.98   (25 Nov 16:25)
Max: $32.62   (03 Jul 05:58)
Sales Rank: 261
Changes: 1199


  • Large Lcd Counts Consumption By The Kilowatt Hour
  • Connects To Household Appliance & Assesses Its Efficiency
  • Calculates Electrical Expenses By The Day, Week, Month Or Year
  • Checks The Quality Of Power By Monitoring Voltage, Line Frequency & Power Factor
  • Dim: 5.13"h X 2.38"w X 1.63"d
  • Electricity usage monitor connects to appliances and assesses efficiency
  • Large LCD display counts consumption by the kilowatt-hour
  • Calculates electricity expenses by the day, week, month, or year
  • Displays volts, amps, and wattage within 0.2 percent accuracy
  • Compatible with inverters; designed for use with AC 115-volt appliances

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Created: 07 Apr 20:09
Updated: 26 Feb 02:48