PlasmaCar Ride On Toy - Red (Toy)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: PlasmaCar
Model: PC020
List Price: $69.95
Min: $34.98   (03 Nov 03:31)
Max: $69.95   (13 Nov 13:30)
Sales Rank: 4269
Changes: 2533


  • High quality and safe toys for children all ages
  • All our toys are made with safe materials and tested
  • Designed to stimulate childrens learning capabilities
  • No gears , batteries or pedals. Just steer and away you go.
  • Multiple award winner
  • Great Exercise inside or outdoors.
  • Sleek, innovative design
  • The PlasmaCar is meant to be used on a smooth, flat, hard surface and will not function properly on carpet, grass, gravel, sand or any surface with "give".

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Created: 03 Jan 14:19
Updated: 21 Jan 19:40