Radio Flyer Big FlyerTM (Toy)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: Radio Flyer
Model: 79Z
List Price: $92.99
Min: $39.00   (10 Dec 14:01)
Max: $92.99   (29 Nov 12:21)
Sales Rank: 148338
Changes: 498


  • Three adjustable seat positions allow this trike to grow with your child
  • This trike features real chrome handle bars and molded handgrips
  • A racing pennant makes this trike more visible and safer for the child
  • The Big Flyer's big front tire features a performance grip tread and the rear racing slick style tires are extra wide for stability
  • Weight capacity 65-Pounds

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Created: 06 Dec 16:32
Updated: 24 Jan 07:25